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Restorative Justice International .org

an activity of the Restorative Justice Project
Center for Peacemaking and Conflict Studies
Fresno Pacific University

Mission of RJP

Restorative Justice is not a program, but a way of thinking about relationships in community. RJP divides its work into three areas of focus:

1. Criminal Justice

Working toward victim offender reconciliation as the norm for dealing with the issues surrounding crime and victimization. Working toward a VORP in every community, RJP assists communities in establishing new Victim Offender Reconciliation Programs and promotes development of the victim offender field through conferences, classes and resources. RJP is your Restorative Justice Implementation, VORP Resource and Training Center. The World Wide Web home for this work is

2. Community-wide implementation of Restorative Justice Principles

Most broken relationships don't involve crime, but rather feelings of injustice. RJP has developed and is working to implement a method of infusing Restorative Justice Principles in organizations both public and private. All organizations can benefit from this process. For information on RJ implementation in your community or organization click

3. National, international, and society-wide reconciliation

RJ Principles provide the best handle for working with relationships at the macro level among peoples, tribes, and nations. Benefit from our experience here at

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